Private, Personalized and Professional...

Welcome to Body Visions Private Personal Training

The Body Visions Personal Training Studio is designed specifically for the personal training experience. Clients train in private, semi-private, and small group sessions, utilizing cutting edge sports science and the training that supports it. There are no monthly gym dues, crowds, high noise levels, or other "big gym" distractions.

 Lose Weight, Shape and Tone Your Body
 Improve Strength, Cardiovascular Health, Balance, and Flexibility
 Recover From Injuries & Prevent Future Ones
 Accomplish Fitness Goals
 Learn How to Consume a Proper Diet Based on Specific Fitness Goals
 Learn Effective New Workout Routines
 Workout in Private With No Crowds or Other "Big Gym" Distractions

Free Consultation and PT Session   3 One-Hour Sessions $99   3 One-hour partner sessions $149